Wool-line has already achieved its success and satisfaction. Our success represents the gathering of Bosnian-Herzegovinian farmers, scientists, designers, architects and construction workers, and creating a team that is 24hrs available to our customers. We wanted to create something special by using the natural wealth of our home country. We have created a range of products that are looking nice but in the first place are healthy and adaptable to all types of customers. We created something that gives you peace and guarantees a quiet night's sleep.
The main activity of Wool-line company is processing of sheep wool and production of bedding, mattresses made out of completely natural and ecological sheep wool in combination with iron springs and felt, created in many different sizes, as well as home textiles and insulation. In addition to the Bosnian market, we are also selling all our products to the European market.
The vision of our company is that through good quality and responsible business we achieve the success at the same level together with the best companies in our branches. Also to prove that we are able to satisfy all the needs of our business associates and needs of each of our customers.
The mission of our company is to make our customers fully satisfied with our products and enable them to buy quality products at affordable prices.
Delivery to home doors throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Wool-line company creates a wide range of custom-made mattresses, natural bedding, insulation and home decorations. Our products are handmade, classical, without chemicals, resistant to; fire, paint, chemicals, and toxins. We are using creativity in designing our products, but we also like to create a model following your ideas.
Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about our products and materials.
We are open for proposals and cooperation for the purpose of mutual good. Send us questions or suggestions by completing the form below.

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