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Heat insulation
Sheep wool is a remarkable natural insulator with a LAMDA (
λ) value between 0.031-0.40 W / mK. The values ​​of thermal conductivity (λ) depend on the density of insulation, which can be 18-30 kg / m3 of wool. The primary advantage of sheep wool insulation compared to the other insulators is that sheep wool provides insulation from heat as well as from cold so that air flows constantly through the wool, it can simply be said that the wool is "breathing".
What also separate sheep wool insulation from other insulating materials, lies in the ability of wool to absorb moisture from the room or the outside environment. In cold days, wool has the ability to absorb moisture, up to 35% of its weight, and thus increases its density and thermal insulation properties.
In addition, wool has the exceptional ability to release moisture out of woolen fibers in high temperatures during the summer and thus cool the air circulating through the insulation. Because of this unique feature it is considered one of the best insulating systems.

Sound insulation and fire protection
This insulating material has very good acoustic properties and is a good sound isolator.
The wool ovation has the ability to self-control - it does not tolerate the open flame on itself. It burns at temperatures above 560 ° C and it is very important not to release any toxic gases when burning.
Sheep wool releases air from pollution
Sheep wool, in natural mode, provides a pleasant climate and preserves your health. Studies that have been carried out all around the world have proved that sheep wool can destroy polluting substances and thus cleanse the air in the room.
How does sheep wool release air from pollution?
The secret of this excellent ability is in the very structure of sheep's wool, consisting of the fibrous protein of keratin and amino acid molecules.
Molecular amino acids may neutralize polluting substances such as formaldehyde. In such situations, a chemical reaction occurs where the polluting substances bind to amino acid molecules. General findings confirm that amino acids contain a free amino and carboxyl group, which have the ability to neutralize the polluting matrix in the room, i.e to bind them to themselves.
Internal insulation
As an internal insulation it is suitable for the insulation of sloping roofs, suspended ceilings, partition walls, ceilings ... It should be noted that it has a great advantage over other insulation due to easy installation, without any protective equipment, because it has no particle or dust.
External isolation
Natural ecological isolation has found its use in external isolation. Using this type of insulation in externally ventilated facades is a full hit. In this way, the ovary wool will show all its ecological and natural features in house isolation, in a way that your house will not only be refreshed, but your walls will "breathe" and will be extremely energy efficient. It is particularly compatible with wooden facades, which has recently become marketable due to its aesthetic appearance and functionality.

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